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utorok 25. apríla 2017

RSD 2017: Wonderful day spent in record stores

What a wonderful day – spent in record stores across the entire Auckland! April 22 was dedicated to the records! It is always a pleasure (and not necessarily a guilty pleasure) to attend a very special annual event, called Record store day (RSD). During that day you can buy some good vinyls, CDs or even cassettes; listen to the concerts of local bands and meet people of all ages who care about music, and not just recorded one.

My husband and me tried to visit all the stores that joined global music event: RSD and offered us special releases of our favourite vinyls. I was already pregnant, so we made more breaks for decaf coffee and mineral water... There were so many fathers and mothers with their children in music stores enjoying music. I hope next year already three of us (our little big family) will make the same tour and enjoy it too.

In Slovakia I support Slovak musicians and usually go to Wegart – very good records' store in the heart of Bratislava city. Here in Auckland I do support local artists too. There are quite many good music stores in the city – hard to choose the best one. Each one is unique. On Saturday we visited Flying Out store and watched few concerts there. There I also got a beautiful new vinyl of New Zealand based singer: Lawrence Arabia. I really like his lyrics and melodies.

There is so much great music out there. Are you planning to attend Record Store Day next year? Save some money for exclusive records and go ahead. Highly recommended event!

Text: Boba Markovic Baluchova, Photo: palo Markovic

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