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streda 31. januára 2018

Wearing a personalized floral crown

At the end of January the citizens of Auckland city celebrated special holiday – Tamaki fest – Auckland Anniversary Day, or better said Auckland weekend. During the three sunny days I tasted Maori food, watched people sailing on traditional Maori Waka boats, listened to Maori music, talked to local designers and craftsmen. I also bought two colorful maxi skirts and two pairs of earrings with Maori design there. I also attended creative workshop sparkled by my inner goddess.

There were plenty of events going on at the waterfront. I liked the most Maori’s culture festival (Tamaki Herenga Waka festival) in Auckland Viaduct Harbour and Cloud market anniversary in Queens wharf. On Saturday I decided to attend Floral crown Workshop with Michelle Vaughan but I came late to the market. So I just bought two beautiful maxi skirts made by Frida skirts brand instead (what an excuse!). Skirts’ materials (African cotton fabrics; Kanga and Kitenge), patterns and colors reminded me of my field work in Kenya five years ago. How I liked those days working with community health workers, local mothers, their kids and wearing similar skirts. I told myself not to be late on Sunday.

On Sunday I finally joined the Floral crown Workshop. I really wanted to learn how to make a boho floral crown and look like stylish mother with even more colorful mood. Of course I was a bit late again, so in the middle of process there were not many flowers left for me. But I did not give up and I was encouraged to play more with shapes than colors of flowers. With the support of Michelle as a lector it went smoothly.

I remember I wasn’t in the best mood during the workshop. My daughter Tove Tui felt so hot inside Cloud market and did not eat well during the previous hours. Therefore my husband (supportive as always) walked with a pram around the workshop tables and tried to calm down little TiTi. I was in a hurry following the workshop’s dynamics and still checking up on my family at the same time. But after making the crown and taking few photos I got my good mood back. Creativity makes me always content and happy. I’m glad it still works for me in that way.

I am always amazed how kids are spontaneous and creative. It was great to observe all these little girls (sometimes with a help of their fathers) in the process of working with fabric flowers. Adult women as workshop’s participants were overthinking the procedure while young girls were just playing with the materials and learning by doing it. “Universe applauds actions not thoughts!” – I heard many years ago at the personal development training (run by International Synergy group). Interesting lesson for me once again…

I wore my personalized floral crown in pink and red tones during the rest of the day. It fitted with the rest of my outfit (Warehouse black sleeveless shirt suitable for breastfeeding, Melissa sandals, Krasa vesmirna earrings and Frida skirts’ maxi skirt). Many people stopped me afterwards and asked: where they could get the crown, as well as the skirt. That’s the best feedback for the local artists and also for me as a mother with a passion for slow fashion and fashion blogging, isn’t it?

Written by: Boba Markovic Baluchova, Photo: Palo Markovic

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