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BalBo deBra

sobota 12. mája 2018

Celebrating NZ Music Month in Central library

Auckland is officially a City of Music, recognised by the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, and May is officially labelled as New Zealand Music Month! So I tried to celebrate it as much as possible throughout the entire month – together with my daughter and my husband – at various places across Auckland city.

Where you can meet music lovers and book lovers at the same time? In local library, of course! Because of baby friendly atmosphere we have spent there quite a lot of time recently. We also enjoyed live musical events and concerts of well known NZ bands in Central libraries as a part of NZ Music Month. My baby girl Tove Tui liked it a lot.

Written by: Boba Markovic Baluchova, Photo: Palo Markovic

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  1. Živjo! Razmišljam tudi o selitvi na Novo Zelandijo, morda bi lahko napisali še kakšno objavo z nasveti in koristnimi informacijami? Prihranim denar, malo trgujem na tej strani, morda se bom začel premikati naslednje leto.