BalBo deBra

BalBo deBra

nedeľa 3. apríla 2016

I care about the future of Takapuna Sunday Market

Every Sunday the Takapuna Carpark transforms into one of the most original and vibrant places in Auckland visited by locals and tourists. Every Sunday we use to go there to original ‪Takapuna Sunday Market because of beautiful milticultural atmosphere and the offer of fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy food, hand-made products, Kiwi music, vintage items and second-hand clothing. 
Now that public land is set for sale and redevelopment. If you care about the future of the public market place built from the bottom up, consider joining the initiative Save Takapuna Carpark: Balbo deBra already signed the petition (to save this place) because she cares about it / I care about the future of Takapuna Sunday Market!

Written by: Boba M. Baluchova, Photo: Palo Markovic
#SaveTakapunaCarpark #SaveSundayMarket

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