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pondelok 23. apríla 2018

Fashion Revolution Week 2018 has just started

Fashion Revolution Week 2018 has just started! Týždeň módnej revolúcie odštartoval! Have you found an answer for a question: 'Who made my clothes'? Have you published your story online with a hashtag: #whoMadeYourClothes or #whoMadeMyClothes?
Aby som mala príbehy svojich šiat na očiach, z visačiek som si vyrobila svojský módny doplnok. In order to have the stories of my clothes in front of me I made a special fashion accessory from their tags. Read more about the theme and join the Fashion revolution campaign by taking a simple action and attending the events in your city!

I'm going to take an action by promoting a haulternative; searching for the stories of my clothes; buying clothes in second-hand stores; supporting slow fashion and local designers; upcycling old pieces; volunteering at local event; writing an article and a blog about Fashion Revolution Week 2018 in Slovak and English language... During this week (every single day) I'll update you with my steps towards fair fashion on my BalBo deBra style fanpage. Stay tuned.

Written by: Boba Markovic Baluchova, Photo: Palo Markovic

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